Techie covers all your home & SOHO technical needs when you need it.

We deal with most enquiries as quickly as possible with 100% focus on customer satisfaction.

We offer on site visits to your home or business, or remote services are available as well. If you have broadband (or other internet connection) we can log onto your computer remotely.*
If you have an enquiry, please call or email. help@techiehome.co.uk

With onsite support, techie can relieve you from having to unplug all your computer gear and transport it back and forth to a computer store. We can come round to your property and do all the work on site.

Remote prices range from £20-£50 while on site prices start at £40. Please check
services page for more information.

* Recommend to have at least 512kbps internet connection


Tel: 07725 23 27 35      Email: help@techiehome.co.uk